Made in the Najel Laboratoire in France,  discover all NAJEL organic moisturizing innovations.
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Hand and nail cream

Apricot and cactus - 2.7 fl.oz  - $19.99

In order to obtain a moisturizing* and nourishing hand cream, the Laboratoire NAJJAR has combined the organic apricot oil which has regenerating, softening and moisturizing properties, along with the organic castor oil. Very rich in ricin oleic acids, it nourishes the skin and helps to fight against the winter cracks. Castor oil is also known to promote the growth of nails and make them stronger and prettier. The organic prickly pear juice extract has highly moisturizing properties which nourishes the skin and promotes its softening.

The hand cream Najel is also made with its iconic ingredients which are the organic olive oil, nourishing and protective along with the organic bay laurel oil, regenerating and soothing.

Perfume free and hypoallergenic, this hand cream is suitable for all skin types even the most fragile. It leaves a protective film on your skin, with no greasy effect, to keep your hands healthy and remineralized.
Your hands will get softer while bringing a feeling of comfort all the way down to the fingertips.
*Hydration test carried out by a clinical study on a panel of 10 people aged from 18 to 60:+61% hydration rate after 4 hours

Certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert.

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Rose scented body lotion

Moisturizing - 6.7 fl.oz -$21.99

Najel Rose Scented Body Lotion is a nourishing skin care product that moisturizes skin intensely. It is made with organic shea butter and organic sweet almond oil, ingredients known for their strong nourishing and repairing properties. They ensure the upper layers of the epidermis are well hydrated.

This body lotion has been proven effective: results of a moisturizing test carried out on a panel of 12 consumers showed a significant increase in cutaneous hydration in the upper layers of the epidermis of +27.7% when observed 4 hours after application and +27.8% after 8 hours.

Developed in the Najjar laboratory, this organic “Made in France” skin care product also contains organic virgin olive oil and organic bay laurel oil, the flagship ingredients of the Najel brand, which boast both antioxidant and soothing properties. This body lotion, with the soothing properties of organic Chamomile floral water, helps ease the feeling of irritated skin.

Delicately perfumed with a pleasant natural rose fragrance, this body lotion blends gentle ingredients with soothing properties to keep your skin moisturized.

With its light, fluid texture, it is easily absorbed, keeping skin nourished and protected.

Comes in an opaque white PET bottle, sealed with a white lotion pump.

Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard available on

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Body milk with Tiare flower fragrance

Skin beautifier - 6.7 fl.oz

Made in the Laboratoire NAJJAR, this Tiaré flower body milk combines the virtues of organic olive oil and organic sweet almond oil.

Olive oil protects and is valued for its high vitamin E content, an antioxidant that fights against skin ageing. Recognised for its soothing and softening properties, sweet almond oil gently nourishes and makes this milk a complete body care product.

With its nourishing and soothing properties, NAJEL body milk beautifies and soothes delicate skins day after day.
Use it every day on every part of your body: your skin is enhanced, protected and delicately scented.

It is used as a body care product and is suitable for all skin types. Applied as part of a massage, this body milk has a fluid texture to penetrate easily, leaving the skin soft and enveloped in an enchanting scent of Tiaré.

Useful tip: Tiaré flower or Tiaré Tahiti, whose scientific name is Gardenia tahitensis, is a flowering shrub that originated in the Pacific islands. It flowers annually and is therefore permanently available. Its powerful scent has made it famous in the world of cosmetics. Along with coconut, it’s thekey ingredient in the precious Tahitian Monoi®.

Packed in an opaque white bottle and sealed with a white lotion pump.

Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Cosmos Standard available at

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Coconut balm care

Repairing & protective - 3.5 oz - $21.99

Discover this rich and luscious care balm made exclusively from natural ingredients to nourish your skin intensely! Organic shea butter and organic coconut oil have both moisturizing and soothing properties. In this balm, we have blended them with organic virgin olive oil and organic olive butter, known for their emollient properties, for a beauty elixir that everyone can enjoy!

Najel coconut care balm is a complete care product, which protects and repairs, and is suitable for all skin types.

Apply it lavishly every day, all over your body. It will leave your skin protected, deeply nourished and delicately perfumed with its exquisite coconut scent. It is also recommended as a mask for dry and damaged hair, reviving dry ends. Its prized ingredients will work together to leave your skin and hair feeling soft and supple again, thoroughly nourished and protected from external damage.

Packed in an opaque PET pot sealed with a white lid and a PE seal.

Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard available at

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